An individual's appearance is NOT a conglomeration of stereotypes. Don't put me in a box.
  1. For reference:
    White, blonde chick. Glasses. Casual sense of style, usually.
  2. I'm a woman
    CORRECT BUT this doesn't mean I'm stupid or incapable of being an engineer. Everyone is so astonished when I tell them I'm studying aerospace engineering. Yeah I love engineering and yeah I'm awesome at it. My womanhood does not affect my ability to be a bomb-ass engineer so stop trying to mansplain things when I do in fact know what I'm talking about.
  3. I'm shy
    INCORRECT My higher/soft voice does not mean I'm shy. I am not nervous in any social situation. When thrown into an unexpected event, I often take the lead and I quite enjoy steering into the skid. I'm reserved and laid back; there's a difference.
  4. I'm a ditz
    INCORRECT Being blonde has no correlation to being ditzy. Yes, I am ridiculous. Yes, I have done many stupid things. But I'm also quite smart. I may not have the best common sense, but I do still have sense.
  5. I'm innocent
    WIDELY INACCURATE I am not innocent in any way, shape, or form. I'm quite baffled how everyone comes to this conclusion. (Bonus: I can get away with a lot because people assume I'm angelic)