Somehow all of the songs on the list were so bad that they were completely forgotten by the pop-culture consciousness and succeeded by their own remixes.
  1. Ignition - R. Kelly (Ignition Remix - R. Kelly)
    Static There was not a single 13 year-old at any bar mitzvah I went to who didn't know this remix. Yet somehow the original slipped through the cracks. You can actually hear the beat that intros the remix throughout the original which is cool....but this version is so lame.
  2. I Took A Pill in Ibiza - Mike Posner (I Took A Pill In Ibiza - Seeb Remix)
    Static I feel like if you had no idea who Mike Posner was, you would listen to this version and think it was some hipster Youtuber trying to be all cool and edgy, doing this folk/country-esque cover of one of today's hottest pop songs. Honestly this is super sad to listen to. Today I learned: Put a house beat being really depressing lyrics and people will rave to it!
  3. Waves by Mr Probz (Waves ft. Chris Brown & T.I. - Robin Schulz Remix)
    Static This just. This just isn't even fair. How do you go from this to the remix? This just feels like such a boring and lazy song. Again, who knew that all you had to do was speed up a slow song, add some chill house and it becomes a pop hit.