Screenshots I Have on My Phone, Explained

I often take screenshots: For convenience; because I can't save the photos on a site; or because I want to share with the socials whatever is on my screen.
  1. My recent fiction writing
    This list is on my Word app, and is all the stories I've been working on over the past...several years. Mainly Simple Plan, but a couple of Avenged Sevenfold fics, and an original.
  2. Pierre Bouvier drinking coffee?
    Pierre is my favourite member of Simple Plan. No competition. I love the whole band, but it's Pierre I'm drawn to.
  3. Riverview Church's Statement of Faith
    I've been feeling particularly philosophical about my own faith of late and wanted to reread my church's statement of faith, to reassure myself somewhat.
  4. The wage award for the ELC sector
    I wanted to ensure I was getting paid the correct wage :). 'Tis all good
  5. Travis Cloke and friend...
    I have no explanation...
  6. Christopher Burton at the Olympics this year
    I love the equestrian events at the Olympics. Love watching the beautiful horses.
  7. Syn Gates, M Shadows, Zacky V
    These guys are from my other favourite band: A7X
  8. Simple Plan
    No explanation needed
  9. Simple Plan FanFiction
    Jars of Clay is one of my stories that I'm writing.