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We took my 1 year old on her first international flight and we lived to tell about it.
  1. Most played with: stacking cups. These are good for stacking, arranging, pretend drinking out of, and most importantly, throwing on the ground. 5 stars
  2. Most beloved: babies & doggies book. Woof woofs!! 5 stars+
  3. Most hated: tiny sticker book. Tiny farm animals you can't eat and can't get off your fingers. 0 stars.
  4. Most delicious: yogurt drops. Would eat again. 4 stars because you can't smear them on anything, only throw them sometimes.
  1. Signed up for instagram
  2. Made a list about procrastinating
  3. Made more coffee
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I might have List App but I haven't tried any of these, even though it feels super uncool. They're all things I know of, so there must be so many I don't...
  1. Instagram🌅
    Have downloaded this app probably 4 times. Never get started with it. I feel like such a granny, but I just don't get it.
  2. Uber 🚗
    I don't live in a real city. I wonder if there is even even uber here. I'm sure there is. Isn't there?
  3. Snapchat 👻
    Why is it a ghost?
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  1. Total delight
    It exists. My neighbor built it. It's full of books. At least some of my neighbors are readers. So cool.
  2. Surreptitious pride
    Someone scooped up the Interestings right after I left it. And I saw another neighbor reading Matterhorn, another of mine.
  3. Bafflement
    What's with the multiple L. Ron Hubbard books, neighbors?
  4. Gratitude
    Thanks for the fun thing for my toddler to look at and bang on everyday on our walks. And thanks for the nursery rhyme book and Jack Reacher novel, neighbors.
In the order they occurred to me, just now
  1. The Pout Pout Fish
    This one's for toddlers, but unlike some of my baby's books, this one has great rhythm and fun language. We've read it so many times, we know t by heart.
  2. Fates and Furies
    Listened to it on audiobook, and as soon as I finished it, I bought the hard cover because I wanted to read it again. That's exceedingly rare for me.
  3. Juniper
    I was so delighted to find this out of print fantasy for younger readers. My daughter is named Juniper, so the fact that this book exists is so cool for us.
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After reading "Saint Fred..." in the Atlantic, I started wondering who else tried to use TV (or other tech) to make a difference, even though the medium is mostly used for entertainment or junk...
  1. Fred Rogers with Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
  2. The creators of Sesame Street
  1. Dark Matter and Dinosaurs
    For my physicist brother (and because I want it, too)
  2. Leifer: The Golden Age of American Football
    For Gramps, who loves fantasy football, and hopefully this too
  3. The Thousand Names
    For my brother, a page-turner for the commute
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