I might have List App but I haven't tried any of these, even though it feels super uncool. They're all things I know of, so there must be so many I don't...
  1. Instagram🌅
    Have downloaded this app probably 4 times. Never get started with it. I feel like such a granny, but I just don't get it.
  2. Uber 🚗
    I don't live in a real city. I wonder if there is even even uber here. I'm sure there is. Isn't there?
  3. Snapchat 👻
    Why is it a ghost?
  4. Tinder 💋
    Tindr? It seems like it would be Tindr. Definitely not Tender...
  5. Linked in 📇
    And yet somehow I still get emailed about it 40 times a year