Our guided trip around shanghai
  1. Ryan, the guide
    Chinese, with a hybrid Aussie/English accent. Full of jokes, one liners.
  2. Shanghai museum
    So the next few items are exhibitions I explored therein
  3. Money
    The same basic coin design has been in use for over 2,000 years! Circle with a square hole. The number of uprisings and different rulers made it remarkably difficult to know whether or not the coin you held was actually worth something. Also used something I'd liken to a coin shaped like a straight razor, as well as gold and silver ingots, described as horse hoof shaped or boat shaped, both quite hilarious.
  4. Jade isn't all green...
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    Interested in some of the similar artistic styles of the early (like Shang period 12th century BC) Chinese design and Aztec... And the fascination with circular objects is interesting, the disc being a marker of your status. The carving on these items, where they've removed like 83% of the material but left a rich, layered image is pretty amazing. I want half if it on display
  5. Painting
    There's an appreciation of negative space that western art just doesn't have. The scroll is 12 feet long and there's a few fish, that's it. But they're gorgeous. What is the boneless technique? Gotta look that up. But the different styles are no different than elsewhere, but within the Chinese tradition. Calligraphy still played a major role, as well as being its own unique and complex art form in itself
  6. Script and Seals
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    The script is so complex to me, but I just gained a massive appreciation for a movie where an assassin is given the task of the 8th character for sword... But there are only 7... Seals though are so cool though, you see them stamped all over the artwork and paper money, it's verification that someone of rank has marked this as valid. Then they became status symbols, representing your family's rank.
  7. Pottery
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    The oldest of it is familiar. As it becomes more intricate in the 600s, there a growing fascination with guardian beings that stand on babies
  8. Silk factory
  9. Silk worms
    They have a pretty short life, like 45 days. It was kinda cool, if you find one worm in a cocoon you get 1km of silk thread. If you find 2, they turn it into a duvet by stretching the cocoon over a wooden arch, then stretching 10 stretched ones over a larger arch, and 10 of those out into a full sheet. It was cool.
  10. Silk sheets
    Make for better lovers. Or something. They feel amazing. But I'm not about to spend that much money when I could get that 20% at BB&B.
  11. The Bund
    Essentially a riverside walk. It provided spectacular views of the new side of town, which was only started 25 years ago. Now it looks like this.
  12. Lunch
    So much food
  13. Confucius temple
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    Remarkably calming, beautiful building. Makes me want to find a translation of his works.
  14. What's a lingbi stone
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    So I wrote this note while at the temple, looking at the accompanying stone. Then remembered there were dozens of them, though smaller, in a previous room. It turns out, we discover on the way to the next stop, that they're limestone, eroded by the rivers for ages.