An experiment in memory assistance
  1. Buffet breakfast
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    I ate a slightly runny egg. Didn't die, and quite surprised at that... They had at least three continents covered, that's gotta be some kind of a record!
  2. Metro to Fuxing Park
    The metro feels very German, all high ceilings, white tile and silver metal. You can't fall into the tracks, which I suppose is a plus. Digital advertisements along some of the walls as the train goes between stations. Still a remarkably intuitive system. Paid maybe $0.50 each...
  3. Fuxing Park
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    It almost seemed like busking but the truth of the matter is, those people were singing, or dancing, for their own enjoyment. It's a matter of access to space, homes (apartments, most likely) are so small, you go to parks for all recreation. Also saw group exercise, water calligraphy, tai chi, and the rose garden which wasn't lush but had some pretty roses.
  4. Wandering the French concession
    Happened upon the Shanghai symphony orchestra complex. This whole neighborhood is a strange mix of European styling and Chinese life. So this was the land the French occupied. And it's all sycamore lined avenues, looks practically Parisian. There are an interesting combination of shops along the way...
  5. Shanghai library
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    Holy shit it's huge. 4 stories all wrapped around an open atrium, restricted access with a library card but we asked politely and they let us look around. There's free wifi but I can't read the Chinese to log in. Amused by (can't remember the month) 1995 issue of Good Housekeeping with Barb Streisand on the cover in the international periodicals section...
  6. Soong Ching Ling's former residence
    China's Eleanor/Diana is really the only thing I can come up with, but China was more progressive in the sense that she had more access to positions of influence (due not only to her social standing as a wealthy America-educated woman, but also through her marriage to nationalist leader whose name I have forgotten)
  7. The bustling tourist market
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    I just walked through briefly because I wasn't feeling it but they've restored or maintained the buildings at Yu Garden and filled the entire thing with kitsch and knock off stuff. I want to go back with my headphones in and browse more.
  8. Dinner on the 54th Floor
    Buffet dinner. God they love to eat! German themed? Erdinger by the half litre? Beautiful views, but I kind of wanted more local food. Minus the fish bones...