I've been reading it for like 2 years now and it's brilliant.
  1. non-linear
    Though it would make for boring reading, I'd be interested in a linear progression of the story (maybe the 3rd time I read it)
  2. Character sketches
    DFW describes them so well, and I have some images in my mind, but I would still love 3 or 4 costume designers to go through and sketch the main characters.
  3. Movie
    I think that it is film-able. You'd just need the right kind of story teller, like Nolan or Ridley Scott. Maybe. Stanley Kubrick would have been awesome
  4. Drugs
    Ok so how many of these pharmaceuticals are real? It makes me want to use them which is terrifying. Also, Bob Hope is totally gonna be my new slang term of choice
  5. The Entertainment
    I'm starting to get a more accurate feeling of what Infinite Jest is...