1. 1. Without knowing it, I have become invisible to young people...my new super power
  2. 2. Because my hair is so gray I get it dyed purple-no stripping necessary
  3. 3. I provide a constant obstacle to texting bike riders on the sidewalk creating a whole new definition of playing chicken.
  4. 4. I ride for free on public transportation in philadelphia
  5. 5. Instead of paying a fortune buying for-profit health insurance I can enjoy the superior benefits of Medicare
  6. 6. Dunkin' Donuts gives me 10% off every purchase.
  7. Having been an activist for 55 years I have been involved in major social and political movements now into reruns! Makes me a little cynical but also less hysterical
  8. Stayed alive long enough to see a black man in the White House, a democratic socialist make a really good run for the presidential nomination without the return of McCarthyism and await the miracle of a female president finally even if I do not adore her politics
  9. Have a grandchild in kindergarten who can teach me tips on using my devices...very convenient albeit a tad humiliating
  10. Learned how to sign up for Li.st ALL BY MYSELF!