All real examples of the sign genre. All very much posted in the New Haven area.
  1. This one
    750960bf 4f08 4bc8 a2bb cf7b4a062cfc
  2. This one
    74dae275 0772 4d20 9fcf 030429503d56
  3. This one, too
    De1b1744 a51d 479f a01a a4af956654c4
  4. This one
    076d2d3a 6804 4cba b2da 921fe34329cc
  5. This one also
    7fa90953 2139 4dcd 8e8d 30f6e91e82b5
  6. This one
    A3d88e30 5439 4045 a462 d68ef346b468
  7. And this one
    F17c1948 e629 46e9 abdf 40e2601ae437
  8. Another one
    E7e44019 0269 4cbe 9056 6cf38f9a2d7b
  9. This one is from @chetitobeasner he points out that it is a bit redundant
    E55c2619 e9bb 44b5 b2e5 9ab5af7ca6ab
  10. This
    1d11186b 21b2 43c1 acf2 47fc9793e741