1. I quit my job after years of wanting to.
    I loved my job and coworkers and clients, but it had become too much. Now I still get to work with them as a consultant because...
  2. I started working for myself.
    Shameless: Hit me up or check out www.firststorystrategies.com to discuss your strategic communications, PR, writing, editing, video, audio and event needs!
  3. My grandmother declared this gift "just about the best thing there ever was."
  4. Giphy
  5. My mom and a nephew visited.
  6. Another nephew said, "I love when you come to town, because we all just laugh and laugh."
  7. I watched as 10 global health ministers discussed pandemic response based on a series of videos I wrote, directed, produced and narrated.
    Coolest project I've ever worked on.
  8. I helped manage this conference on HIV/AIDS care.
    Another career highlight.
  9. I got away to a favorite spot in San Juan.
  10. I quit Facebook.
    It was incredible. I eventually got back on, but going without was fantastic.
  11. This gif showed up in my life.
    A lot of other good ones did, too. But this is the ranman gif of the year.
  12. I got to make this list.
    Thanks for the request @solena to remind me it wasn't an all-around shitty year after all!