1. "That route sounds fine. Actually, wait. I should go. Sorry!"
    I wouldn't call it a romcom climax, but it was caused by a text it would have been rude not to respond to by showing back up in person. 😏 We got honked at.
  2. "You know, I'll jump out here and walk the last five blocks. Thanks bye!"
    I was super early, and I knew we wouldn't be allowed in the building yet. I didn't want to be that guy pulling up in the town car — Uber or not.
  3. "Oh, we're here! You trying to find me was the longest part of the day!"
    I swear to god I was trying to say, "US trying to find EACH OTHER was the longest part of the TRIP." (Also not part of the trip, because the fare hadn't started yet.) I had spent 11 hours staffing a spin room and suddenly said all the wrong things.