I didn't expect so much initial interest in a List App writing club!
  1. Here it is! The "List App Write Turn" (LAWT) Writing Club, beta version!
  2. Here's the original idea.
  3. Let's write more this year, just as @ChrisK is making us read more.
  4. So here's how it works:
  5. Give me a little info about you.
  6. I'll use educated randomness to put List writers into groups and recommend what I think the group can do.
  7. The initial session will run Jan. 17 - Feb. 28.
    After that you can drop off, stay in touch with your groupmates or not.
  8. This is for writers at ALL levels and in ALL formats.
    Amateur writers are amazing, because they can compete in the writing olympics (if there were such a thing). But this is a great place to play around with your work and learn from others.
  9. LAWT is a 100% judgment-free zone.
    But an important part of this project is listers' willingness to show honesty, respect and List App-esque coolness.
  10. Hitting up our friends who liked the idea when I first mentioned it
  11. And more!
  12. Plus...