Just moved to Chicago. Still figuring this place out, but here's what I love so far in a 10-block radius of my apartment.
  1. Liquor and adjacent pharmacy in the supermarket
    But still I make a little loop, because I know they just printed me something recommending the two don't mix.
  2. The corner bar (literally a corner)
    The kind of place with good food and where servers and bartenders hang out on their downtime. They pour a good bourbon without judgment even though there are about 25 beer taps. V important
  3. So much good fried chicken
    Don't tell my family in the South
  4. Finally a Bloody Mary I like
    With a beer back. But more importantly, not loaded down with horseradish, which is something Satan slips into food to try to burn your face off from the inside.
  5. Harpo Studios
    Just walking around one day. Bam there it was.
  6. Neighbors who keep to themselves
    Nobody is a dick, but I love that we can go up 39 floors without feeling a need to talk about the weather. My next door neighbor has one of those mats that says Welcome in a bunch of different languages, but she avoided all eye contact the one time I saw her. I respect it.