I love game shows, and working from home means they are usually a happy distraction from work and the news of the end of the world. Still, I got some issues.
  1. Plinko is special, but it's not *that* special.
    It's almost impossible to win "50 thoooooooousand dollars."
  2. While we're at it... fuck Cliffhanger.
  3. Why everybody on Wheel of Fortune think they gotta yell?
  4. This GSN Chain Reaction reboot from a few years ago is fine, but the contestants are dumb. asses.
    And that bonus round completing each other's... sentences.... woof!
  5. Why don't more Feud families pass instead of playing?
    Top seven answers on the board. Name something you'd find in the glove box of a man's car. Let the other family strike out while you huddle and think up "ketchup packet."
  6. How you gonna give one car to five grown-ass people?
  7. It's a survey!
    It's not how happy YOU are in YOUR marriage, on a scale of one to 10, or what month YOU wanted to get married. What did 100 people say?
  8. People are too hard on Alex.
    Yeah, he comes across as a dick sometimes, because he knows the answers. But at least he's got some personality. Some jerk hosts don't got that.
  9. Related: Lay off Vanna.
    Stand, walk, tap, smile. Pat doesn't do much more, and asshole probably makes a fuckload more money.
  10. If we gotta hear contestant stories, please let's work on them more.
    Or let's don't and just move the show along.
  11. I miss Lingo but do not miss Chuck Woolery.
    Misogynist, Trumpist, creephole.
  12. I never got to drop a Scrabble tile into the desk hole.
    Still, Chuck can suck it.
  13. My parents never bought me a Mr. Gameshow.
    If Amazon Wishlists were things in 1987 when this came out, it would still be on my list today.