1. Google News became my default app to mindlessly thumb-tap through
  2. No one wished me sweet dreams with a picture of Snoopy sleeping on his doghouse.
  3. I missed a couple big moments from my brother's trip to Honduras
    But he filled me in on gchat.
  4. I did not miss moments from my niece's and nephews' trip to the beach, because apparently their mom didn't post any.
    But I saw some anyway, because now I'm on Instagram.
  5. I have been exposed to no new recipes that begin with ground beef and crescent rolls.
  6. My step- great uncle is in the hospital, and it took me days to find out.
  7. My mom started saying, "Well since you're not on Facebook anymore, I'll fill you in on this..."
    That's how I learned about my stepmom's uncle and that my ex sister-in-law oddly posted no beach pics. But eventually it's going to become news about random hometown people she will be upset I don't remember.
  8. I was not thrown back today.
  9. I regained message control.