1. Dixie Carter
    We had two run-ins: when she was campaigning as part of the "Dubya Stands for Women" tour and I was a reporter bold and rude enough to also ask her about her holiday plans; and when she cut in line at the airport coffee cart.
  2. The TSA agent who recently snapped at me for standing too far back
    Me: "This is where everybody stopped, so I figured--" Her: "If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?" I wanted to say, "If I thought an unstable person with a badge wanted me to in the name of national security, I might." Instead I told her colleague, "She's sweet."
  3. High school bullies, obviously
    Though it's more of a pity thing at this point
  4. This one former public official whom I won't name
    But you probably wouldn't know him anyway, because he ceased to be a public official, which is not the fault of those of us around him no matter what he tells himself
  5. The lady a psychic once described as "a person in a wig who may be a drag queen or at least was in a previous life. That is a toxic relationship, man."