1. Adjust all the TV settings so "Homeland" doesn't look like a telenovela.
  2. Toss any candy no one will ever want.
    If a Bit-o-Honey has lived in that house for longer than I did, it gots to go.
  3. Delete unnecessary desktop shortcuts.
  4. Throw away at least one box of your old shit.
    Yes, my AP English teacher said he'd never thought of the similarities between "Babbitt" and "Hard Times" in quite the way I had. But I'll never read those books again and certainly don't care what 17-year-old me thought about them.
  5. Let them say whatever they want about the news.
    I mean, really, maybe I'm a little jealous when somebody is confused about which one is the Senator.
  6. Sit through as many "King of Queens" episodes as they want. Let yourself admit it's funny sometimes.
    And/or fantasize about what fucked-up shit Leah Remini was dealing with at the time.
  7. Don't let yourself be impatient with them, especially to the point where they can tell.
    Suggested by @biz
  8. Listen to the story about there college professor with an accent. Even though you've heard it 30 times
    This is actually for my grandpa not my parents but it's a really nice to let people feel listened and it's hard to explain that you heard the story before
    Suggested by @applesarahgate
  9. Visit 😬
    Suggested by @weimsworld