Just finished my third or fourth binge. Some new and renewed thoughts:
  1. The looks April gives future hubby Andy when they first meet are priceless.
  2. In the pilot, Ann says she's committed to building the pit into a park "even if it takes two months."
    Years later...
  3. Pre-movie star Chris Pratt, still adorable
    He makes more money now and gets more magazine covers, but all that gym work wasn't necessary otherwise.
  4. Tom's wife storyline starts right away.
    That's not how I remembered it.
  5. In retrospect, I see why Mark was easy to drop from the show.
    He was an okay character, but he brought nothing that we NEEDED to have. Thinking back on him now after having met Ben and Chris is like saying, "Wonder what happened to that one solid, good guy roommate I had freshman year before I met my real friends?"
  6. A lot of the classic moments I remember happen earlier in the series than I thought.
  7. Sometimes we treat my mom like Jerry/Larry/Terry/Gary/Mailman Barry is treated. 😔
  8. I miss the Pohler-Arnett power team.
  9. I love how often they mention that Pawnee is 4th in obesity.
  10. Ron when we loosens up
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    Drunk on Snakehole, giddy around Li'l Sebastian, giggling when he and Andy flee from the scene of setting off a car alarm with a football pass.
  11. Paula Pell as Ron's mom!
  12. I hate when Hulu asks me which commercial I want to see then shows me none of them.
  13. Producers' and Director's cuts are great. But not when Hulu includes those AND the original versions back to back.
    The amazing Leslie-Bobby debate episode was great. I watched the original, and then Hulu moved to the director's cut. I'd just sat through the story so skipped to the next episode and missed whatever extras were included. Grrr
  14. Leslie's Biden obsession cracks me up.
  15. The congressional campaign experience Ben and April have is not even close to reality.
  16. Aubrey Plaza is underrated as an actress.
    I'd say April grows more than anybody else on the show (close 2nd: Tom), but I don't know if people give Audrey enough credit for showing it.
  17. Ron makes me want to just celebrate every occasion with steak, whiskey and an early bedtime.
    Those are three of the small handful of things I give a fuck about in life, too.
  18. Swanson: "Is 'Star Wars' the one with the little wizard boy?"
  19. Finale makes me tear up.