Inspired by @element75
  1. Pink-orange vomit cover-up
  2. Rectangular cafeteria pizza
  3. My kindergarten teacher's hair
  4. Tempera paint being mixed just as class started
  5. Auditorium full of onions
    Our elementary school fundraiser was selling cases of Vidalia onions. It was a huge hit, and the annual order pickup day was a sweet-pungent madhouse.
  6. 64 crayons
  7. My grandfather's spaghetti sauce
    He wasn't Italian, but he'd been a cook in the Korean War, so this was a crowd pleaser and he only knew how to make enough to literally feed an Army.
  8. Juice of a garden-fresh cherry tomato as you bite into it
    We called them "tommy toes"
  9. Freshly cut, dewy grass as my nose first hit it rolling down the hill by my dad's softball field
  10. Library books