1. Kilbourne St. NW
    Very memorable 6 months. Our upstairs neighbor / landlady became waaaaayyyy too close to my roommate and me. She'd wait for us to get home then show up to hang out. She always lamented I wasn't straight and into her. @airlinem and I also had to help chase a squirrel out of her bedroom, busting a radiator in the process. In her spare time when we were busy, she and her sleepy husband (who once forgot to pay our water bill) managed a bowling alley for hippos on the 2nd floor.
  2. Marshall St.
    This is where we lived when I was born. The closest neighbor was my great grandmother. I don't have memories of her from this time, but she was with us until my first week of college. I need to get those memories down before they slip away.
  3. On campus
    As a resident in one building, an RA in two different buildings, a desk assistant in several others, then as a resident again in yet another, I knew lots of neighbors.
  4. Crestwood Dr.
    Nice family on one side; one time I accidentally saw the dad's peen when I went over to collect cash for my school fundraiser. On the other side was an adopted deaf girl. My brother and I learned a very limited amount of ASL.
  5. Rhode Island Ave. NW
    150-year old home converted into eight individually owned units. This became a fairly tight-knit group by the time I moved away several months ago.
  6. 8th St. SE
    One night @airlinem and I were drunk on our back deck, and soon after one of us quoted the "Will and Grace" line, "Get a load of THESE torpedoes!" a loud slam told us their bedroom door 5 feet away had been open all along. That's all we know of them. Oh and their baby was named Oscar.
  7. 1st St. SE
    @emilydibari and her now-husband made it fun to live in this building. I made friends with no one else, on purpose. Making it unfun: the awful lady who slammed her door, literally making me jump sometimes in my shower four units away.
  8. 8th St. NE
    Talked sometimes to the guys in the other unit. It was pleasant.
  9. East Valley Road
    I don't remember them, but I'm sure they visited when my brother was born, which happened here.
  10. Pop Hollow
    The neighbors were a little ways away. They probably would have brought a casserole if we had a loss in the family.
  11. That one apartment just off campus
    Hit a bong with four people once, but I couldn't pick them out of a lineup of five white people.
  12. N. Desplaines St.
    I live here now. haven't met a single neighbor in my 39-story building (though I know from the lobby, elevators and gym that they exist). And I'm fine with that.
  13. Antioch Rd.
    15 years later, I might recognize one guy because of the hideous fake gold chain he wore. That's it.
  14. 9th St. SE
    There were other houses, and I assume people lived there.