The Four Specific Types of Sticky Notes Necessary for You to Succeed in the Office

As first referenced here:
  1. These, of course
  2. But NOT these that pull out like an accordion
    Because who the hell needs such a fucking awful thing? (Unless, as @TQ rightly notes, you have the heavy duty dispenser designed specifically for this nonsense.) (Or if you're using it for fun like @margaretyoko , which I'm also ok with.)
  3. This size, lined
    Because these are more convenient and versatile than a bound notebook for those of us wary of commitment.
  4. These
    But to be honest, they're good for exactly four things: writing down a phone number; losing a phone number (probably behind your desk); writing down a password to safely hide under your keyboard, even though you know that isn't safe, but they make you change your goddamn password every 14 days for no good reason and it has to have a special character; and writing down the name of a pop-in so you can silently gauge a coworker's interest in seeing them.
  5. This style of flags
    Their uses are many.
  6. That's the four (plus a stinker).
  7. But since I doubt I'll ever post(it) about this topic again, a few final (sticky) notes:
  8. These are common conference booth giveaway items, and I grab 'em.
  9. I've always loved this Homer moment: "I would never sign that unless there was a red sticker that said, 'Sign here.'" "Uh huh. That's what we used." "Where do you get those anyway?"
  10. And... Remember when Leslie did this to Ron?