This came after months of thought.
  1. Boss (👱🏼): So I think we should bid it as mostly your time with some staff support. You already know how to deal with the client.
  2. Me (👴): Yeah, talking them off the ledge is most of the project.
  3. 👱🏼 I'll rework it like that.
  4. 👴 Well...
  5. 👱🏼 What's wrong?
  6. 👴 I didn't want to start this conversation by phone, but I feel I have to right now.
  7. [couple of beats]
  8. 👴 I want to transition out of the company in 3 months.
  9. 👱🏼 Oh wow.
  10. ...
  11. To be continued after we talk in person this week.
  12. ...