1. Bob's Burgers
    Everybody is voiced by somebody you know.
  2. Procedurals
    Ripe for "I know her (or him) from somewhere..."
  3. SNL reruns
    Suddenly I need to know exactly how long someone was on. (Jim Breuer: 3 seasons.)
  4. Nick Jr. or Disney Junior
    "Is that...? There's no way they got.... Well I'll be damned."
  5. The Golden Girls
    I can usually guess roughly which season an episode's from then have to check my work.
  6. Any Sherri Shepherd scene
    She's a national treasure, and when she makes me laugh, I look her up.
  7. Nothing! It's probably some sort of disorder. I even look up trivia facts and locations before watching a new series or movie!
    Suggested by @kate81
  8. Cartoon movies with the kiddos. I try to guess who's doing the voice but always. Always have to look to see.
    Suggested by @k8zinker