Things I Cannot Watch Without the IMDB App

  1. Bob's Burgers
    Everybody is voiced by somebody you know.
  2. Procedurals
    Ripe for "I know her (or him) from somewhere..."
  3. SNL reruns
    Suddenly I need to know exactly how long someone was on. (Jim Breuer: 3 seasons.)
  4. Nick Jr. or Disney Junior
    "Is that...? There's no way they got.... Well I'll be damned."
  5. The Golden Girls
    I can usually guess roughly which season an episode's from then have to check my work.
  6. Any Sherri Shepherd scene
    She's a national treasure, and when she makes me laugh, I look her up.
  7. Nothing! It's probably some sort of disorder. I even look up trivia facts and locations before watching a new series or movie!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  8. Cartoon movies with the kiddos. I try to guess who's doing the voice but always. Always have to look to see.
    Suggested by   @k8zinker