Starting with a few that came to mind. When yours pop to mimd share them.
  1. A new background syndie show to which I can pay half attention
    The binge of Golden Girls episodes I've already seen about 25 times is about to wrap up. What next while I work? Would love suggestions.
  2. Drunk (or high or sober or whatever) text/chat friends in CDT, MDT, PDT
    Working for myself from home means I can stay up later than most my east coast friends. I'm in Chicago, so all my time seems off sometimes.
  3. Fresh-squeezed orange juice
    I forgot to get this yesterday, and my life has been ruined since. I'm being very dramatic.
  4. What missing item did you just now realize is messing you up in the short or long term?
  5. I have two carry on bags that are identical except one has a broken zipper and that's the only one I can find for my trip tomorrow.
    I need the one with the working zipper PRONTO!
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  6. Sleep
    It's nearly 12:30 here😐
    Suggested by @cvlop61