Things I Saw on This Trip Home, Part 1

  1. This plastic bag to hold one item
    Me: I don't need a bag.... Cashier: I have to give you one.
    I have hung out at places where this would be a novelty tee. It feels different paired with Carhartts.
  3. So much camouflage
    It really stands out -- for something that's not supposed to. (Photo not actually of anyone I saw)
  4. This
    Don't even fucking think about bringing this back if you don't find any cans to stab.
  5. The kids I hope get to move away soon
    I was lucky.
  6. The kids who never will
  7. A grown-ass dad of two with this plate that's clearly not his
  8. Confederate flags
    I won't dignify these with a real picture.
  9. A burger topped with pimiento cheese
    This was spotted on my plate and was delicious.