Thanks @abbsolutelyNot for getting me in on this series!
  1. "All right, all right."
    I say this to friends or colleagues when I've heard enough on a topic.
  2. "Chick(s)"
    I use it with no offense intended, but I know some people are bothered by it, and I try to catch myself.
  3. "You guys"
    Same description as above. Some women prefer not to hear this phrase, which I at some point started using as an alternative to the "y'all" I grew up with. I'm not ashamed of "y'all," though. Nothing indicates an inclusive, gender-neutral group quite like it.
  4. "Let me know if I can help."
    In a work setting, this sends the impression I care more than I do.
  5. All swear words
    All of them. All the time. Way too often. If a sock falls out of the dryer when I open the door, about three choice words follow.