Some CYA, some (necessarily but shamefully) passive aggressive. All with deep breaths.
  1. "No problem. I'll re-forward that information."
    Read: I will search my Outlook so you don't have to, and you'll have fresh proof that I'm not the one who dropped the ball.
  2. "I agree. I wish it were a little more polished, too. Next time we'll see if I can be of help to you earlier in the process."
    Read: There's only so much I can do when you miss your deadlines.
  3. "I'm happy to explore that approach. It doesn't address the issues I was describing, but it sounds like our concern level for those risks is not the same."
    Read: Okay but this shit's on you.
  4. "I hear ya. I didn't get to eat yet either."
    Read: We have been together all day, and I'm as tired and hungry as you, PLUS I have to listen to you mention it every few minutes.
  5. "Great. It sounds like we are all back on the same page."
    Read: Bitch, you shot me down three minutes ago when I had that same idea.
  6. "Unfortunately, I don't think that's something that would work."
    Read: I refuse to ask the manager of the neighboring building to postpone construction because it seems loud during your meeting.
  7. "Hold on, just let me finish my sentence."
    Oops. Guess I lost my patience after all.