Doing this at the request of @dfly as inspired by him and @joemurphy . There are probably spoilers ahead if you are also 12 years behind on watching the pilot... which feels like a pun, but I don't know yet.
  1. Okay here we go.
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  2. I hate close-up eyeballs, which is the very first shot.
  3. But that's on me, not them. It's a great shot.
  4. Wow, what a beautiful island.
  5. Oh well that wreckage ruins it a little.
  6. I'm glad I didn't watch this on a flight.
  7. I'm not afraid of flying, but it would be creepy, plus i'd want to shield the screen from others just in case they were.
  8. I wish I hadn't burned some of this popcorn.
  9. I guess this hot suit dude's like a doctor or something.
  10. Oh there's that guy with the long curly hair. I remember him being on this.
  11. Is that Ricky Schroeder? Can't be. I'm sure he wasn't on Lost.
  12. Definitely not Ricky
  13. Maybe the poor man's Ricky
  14. The mix of pretty people and regular people is not in proportion with the mix I see on most of my flights. I need to be hotter if I ever want to survive.
  15. I want to know where these people were on the plane.
  16. Jack and Kate... Is that a Titanic reference?
  17. IMDB resolved my momentary dumbness. Leo was Jack. Kate was Rose.
  18. So probably not
  19. Let's do this, Jack says.
  20. Definitely the poor man's poorer friend's buddy who kind of looks like Ricky.
  21. Some shit is going on that makes trees do some crazy shit. Oh my god, we all say.
  22. Flashback!
  23. Now I see where some of them are sitting.
  24. Post-9/11 dramz happening with the running.
  25. THAT's what it looks like when the masks drop.
  26. So blue, these wreckage shots
  27. Pilot! Ahhh!
  28. Ain't nobody gonna find 'em. Radio's dead
  29. Well, now the pilot's gone too, I guess? Maybe?
  30. Set of crew wings in the mud
  31. Eyes indicate some Jack-Kate love coming up. I hope there was an old-timey car on that flight!
  32. Seriously this island's plant life is what I'd call fouliage.
  33. That episode is about what I expected, based on years of chatter.
  34. I'll watch a little more. It's not top of my list.
  35. But there's clearly something up with those goddamn trees.
  36. And watching the survivors fight and strip and stuff.