1. s/d
    Haha, you goofmonster.
  2. a/s
    Weird, you don't usually do that.
  3. r/e
    Normal. Miss Mavis provably went to her grave a viegin.
  4. v/n
    How did you do that? They aren't even by each other.
  5. t/y
    Auto correct finally has your back on something, and you're a lucky bastard for it.
  6. i/o
    Seriously, what is fucking wrong with you? Head in the game.
  7. a/⬆️
    You know this ruins everything you've been working for, right? It's going to take so many confused taps to fix the damage your fat goddamn thumbs have just done here. See if they're coordinated enough to select all, cut and replace with a random emoji. Are you at least capable of that?
  8. 🚓