I'm terrible with song titles, so I'm going to list as shows here.
  1. "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
    My all-time favorite TV show. Is it the BEST song musically? Probably not. But it's iconic and catchy, and progressed as Mary Richards did. Season one episodes declared that Mary -- who just broken off an engagement -- "might just make it after all." In seasons 2-7, the lyrics changed to, You're gonna make it after all!" No more maybe. She'd ditched that asshole. She had a job. She was getting dates plus strange dick when she wanted it. My wifi is still named after Rhoda's line, "Oh Mare!"
  2. "227"
    "Well there's no place like home. When your family's around you, you're never alone."
  3. "The O.C."
  4. "The Golden Girls."
    It's airing kinda, because it runs about 20 times a day.
  5. "Taxi"