I recently posted a bad mood grumpy list of stuff that makes me even grumpier. Here, the opposite. Add, please. This is my MM list @aus10
  1. Having an unexpressed opinion
  2. An expensive pillow
    So worth it. Get one or four.
  3. Sitting alone at a bar near the kitchen or service galley
    You hear all the staff shit. Recent example: "Y'all see the ugly guy with the tooth I just got in my section? I gotta get up out this bitch."
  4. A simple burger
    I mean a solid, hand-pattied, handheld, juicy cheddar burger, LTO, pickle -- with condiments in case it's dry. Save the bacon and fried egg for tomorrow morning or when I'm feeling fancy (which happens too).
  5. Nightstand water
    Especially when you wake up thirsty and remember it's there
  6. Being dumped
  7. Asking oneself, "Is this really a big deal, or should I just move on with my day?"
  8. Family texts, calls or FaceTime sessions at seemingly inconvenient times
    I want to quit Facebook but am afraid I'll miss updates about my 5 nieces and nephews, all under 10, who live far away. As long as they keep checking in on their own I feel ok.
  9. Being single
  10. Getting back in bed after you pee
  11. Airline delays
    Unless it REALLY fucks you up, it's kind of like found time. Until other people try to talk to you about it.
  12. Edible Arrangements
    Jk. Sorry. I still don't understand the purpose, and there's too much cheap melon.
  13. Skinny margaritas
    Call me what you want. But it's a margarita you can enjoy without having to roll yourself home.
  14. A lazy Saturday with nothing special to do. Especially when your brother calls to tell you about the kids' soccer games, birthday party and baby shower on their to dos.
    Suggested by @k8zinker
  15. A nice scented candle, but not one that smells like candy or cookies, which just makes you hungry
    Suggested by @airlinem