Thanks for the request @daisy ! I just realized no one has ever asked WHY I hate it.
  1. It's basically an IED inside your scalp.
  2. It threatens to ruin sushi.
    Not exactly. But wasabi is basically the same thing, so I have to be careful. I was delighted when sushi places I visited in Japan made it very easy to hold the wasabi.
  3. Powerful people try to push it on us by adorably calling it Arby's Horsey Sauce.
  4. It ruins brunch.
    Bloody Marys are always packed with that shit. Recently I asked a bartender how much horseradish is in the mix. He said proudly how he personally tosses two giant fistfuls in every bucket of mix. I said, "Hmmm, I have to pass."
  5. They put it in cheddar sometimes.
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    Cheese, one of the best things in the world, suddenly becomes an accomplice to sensory assault and baddery. (That's a bad pun and also a "bad" pun but not a misspelling.)