Why I Will Never Give Up My Wite-out

  1. Like scissors, a stapler, four specific sizes of sticky notes, a Sharpie, a pencil sharpener and two sizes of paper clips, Wite-Out (or Liquid Paper) is a top desk drawer staple.
    Pun unintended but noted and undeleted
  2. The bottle makes me feel good.
  3. The shaking is fun.
  4. The brush makes me feel happy.
  5. Sometimes I have to work in hard copy, and it's comforting to have an old-fashioned, analog version of Backspace.
  6. Accounting likes when I can obscure credit card numbers on paperwork that I have to print, hand-sign, scan and also keep in a physical file for use at a client site.
  7. I like the lightheadedness that comes with blowing it dry and how you have no choice but to ignore the Outlook new message notification for that 15 seconds.
    Sorry, but I'm already working on something.
  8. I love to overuse this line that no one else finds funny: "Oh, we can fix that with a quick brush stroke back to the 80s."
    I have mildly more success with a similar line about how we "still have a fax line in case anyone is trying to send something to 1998 and the telegraph is broken STOP"
  9. Bonus reason: when you google "Liquid Paper Brush," this chick shows up.