Speculative investments
  1. Genocea biosciences (GNCA)
    Developing a genital herpesvirus vaccine treatment in phase 2, so far very good results, cancer vaccines in development as well. Atlas discovery platform with 100% of rights. 96,000,000 in cash on balance sheet 03/31/16 with market cap of 101,000,000.
  2. Halozyme (HALO)
    Enhaze platform for partnerships royalties at 75,000,000 run rate, big name partners. PEGPH20 pancreatic cancer treatment in phase 3. Phase 2 showed great efficacy, 282,000,000 in cash with 1,200,000,000 market cap.
  3. Omeros (OMER)
    Omidria run rate 50,000,000 in sales just launched and OMS721 in phase 3 for AHUS, 377,000,000 market cap
  4. Versartis (VSAR)
    Phase 3 pediatric HGH long lasting trial in progress, baker brothers own large chunk. Phase 2 data very good, huge market. 161,000,000 cash, 216,000,000 market cap.