10 apps that actually check and use every day.
  1. Todoist
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    People called me super-organized but it's only because I found the app that works for me. Todoist continually holds my days together and helps me move projects from someday to today.
  2. Spark email
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    Hands down the best full-feature email client I've seen. I rarely even bother to look at emails on desktop now.
  3. Simple
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    Yup. It's a bank app. I love this bank. Finally I have an easy app that lets me know what's going on with my money--no tricks, overdrafts or fees.
  4. Goodreads
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    Essential. I'm an avid reader so being able to track what I've read, what I'm reading and what I want to read is essential.
  5. Drafts
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    So many iPhone apps make imputing text a multi-click process and it's just annoying. Drafts starts up instantly, ready to capture text, then I can send it to just about any app that I need. Also I can throw reminders at Siri which Drafts will import and then I can send them elsewhere (likely Todoist).
  6. Evernote
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    I'm actually not super-crazy about the design of this app but as a service Evernote plays a very important part of my day and my life. I have thousands of notes and being able to look at them on my phone is something I can't live without. The incorporated spotlight search in iOS 9 is really, really helpful.
  7. Square Cash
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    There are tons of apps for sending and receiving money but none are free like Square Cash and none send you the money almost instantly. (Simple has a similar feature but both parties have to be Simple customers)
  8. Tweetbot
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    Twitter is the only social media I actually read. Tweetbot isn't perfect but it's close. The ability to hide Facebook, vine, periscope & Instagram links is enough reason to use it.
  9. Scribd
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    I prefer paper books and now scientists have proven that reading on a screen dramatically lowers comprehension but Scribd has lots of Marvel comics and audiobooks. I can't read a paper book easily while exercising but I can listen to one. There audiobook features are a bit glitchy but their price is incredible: $9.99/month for unlimited comics, ebooks and a credit for one audiobook per month. (Audible is $15/month and only offers the audiobook.)
  10. Amazon
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    Plain and simple. If you have Amazon Prime then you use this app all the time. Need tea? Ordered. Need fountain pen ink? Ordered. Need a yoga ball? Ordered.