with a holiday weekend list after the emoji nonsense
  1. 😴😑😒
  2. 😐😮😫
  3. 😫😑😏
  4. 😌😊☺
  5. 🤗😚🤗
  6. To all of you working for the man, remember those who came before you who fought for the privilege of doing the work you choose, this weekend
  7. If you have no choice, perhaps you're adequately compensated
  8. If you aren't adequately compensated, maybe you enjoy the man's work,
    or you don't and no one blames you for it.
  9. While there may be no choice now
  10. There was at one point
  11. There are times when a choice's negative consequences find causation in the choice
  12. Other times correlation does not indicate causation
  13. Let's not forget those who made sacrifices to create a country that allows us to wake up and connect on these social platforms
  14. For some are strong enough to choose to take actions that provide a higher likelihood of danger
  15. Call it reckless or headstrong
  16. Call it brave or true strength
  17. Remember this as we march to November:
  18. Differing ideologies shouldn't preclude reasonable discourse