1. Playing tag or just playing in general
    I was so happy when I was running around the backyard and playground. I think I lost that silly, fun part of myself. Maybe it's time to regain it.
  2. Not feeling self-conscious of my curly hair
    I vividly remember when someone made a comment about my curly hair to me. The. Hanged everything. I started wearing it in a pony tail or bun. Now, I feel weird letting it down.
  3. Genuinely loving school
    I loved going to school. I remember I had a bad cold and was coughing all night. My dad made me stay home. I cried because I was going g to absent. It broke my record for that year.
  4. Exploring
    Looking at things differently. And, when I was curious about something, I would think of possible answers. I would try to solve questions I had. I didn't just look it up or go on. I had the energy and drive to explore a curiosity.
  5. Wearing crazy clothes and not caring
    I wore whatever I wanted, regardless of weather or styles or expectations. The weather one was not always a good idea.
  6. My mom reading to me every night
    Reading time before going to sleep was a big deal in our house. There were 4 kids with various ages in my family. I remember the short picture books would go first. Then, my mom would get into the chapter books. She read everything from Harry Potter to Little Women.
  7. Living in my bubble with no news or politics or pop culture
    It was a simpler life. All my troubles led were do far away. I didn't know about Trump or North Korea or the economy.
  8. My parents being responsible for me.
    I didn't have to make appointments. I had a safety net protecting me from the troubles of life. My parents support me, but I'm responsible for my actions and daily schedule.
  9. Not having to drive myself
    Sometime I enjoy driving. Maybe once a month. I like being able to go places when I want. But, traffic. And, before I could sleep or read or study in the car. Now, I constantly have to be alert.
  10. Ignorance of social standards.
    When I was younger, I had basic respect for others, but I didn't act like people told me. I was unique. Now, I feel like slowly the Internet, magazines, advertising, and TV have programmed this idea of what I'm supposed to be like into my head. I want to go back to that fierce, fearless person who didn't pay attention to social standards.