12 Shows I Will Love Forever

  1. The West Wing
    It has everything. Honor. Hope. Loss. Wit. Speed.
  2. Parks and Recreation
    Another government show. I can watch the same episode over and over and still laugh each time. I love every character.
  3. Friday Night Lights
    Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.
  4. Stephen Colbert
    The Colbert Report before. Now, The Late Show. He makes me laugh. He makes me think. He makes me question.
  5. The Office
    Save Bandit
  6. The Newsroom
    Sloan is my role model. My favorite episode is where she's at her worst.
  7. The Ken Burns National Park Series
    It makes me feel patriotic. It makes me believe in something bigger.
  8. The OC
    Enough sarcasm to fuel my sassy heart ♥
  9. Bob's Burgers
    It is the perfect mix of silly and smart
  10. Gilmore Girls
    Fast pace. Well written. Sassy. All good things.
  11. Broad City
    The value of friendship is beautiful in this show. The writing is hilarious.
  12. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
    He not only examines a topic but makes everything relatable. He also offers something you can do whether it's writing to someone, tweeting something, or taking certain pictures.