1. Cooking
    I cooked lemon potatoes, Greek rice, and vegan chocolate cake for dinner Wednesday. When I cook, there's order and control and progress. Everything just comes together.
  2. Dinner with my people
    I had a splendid dinner in La Mesa with two friends from high school. They are both so clever and creative. I loved catching up with them.
  3. Seeing Kerri
    I haven't seen her in person in awhile. I'm glad we were able to talk and get some vitamin D. She updated me on her life. I enjoyed sitting back and listening.
  4. Matteo, my black lab
    He is my bear. I love to hug him. He always seems to know when I need him. He is always happy. I wish I was as laid back as him.
  5. Coffee
    It is my vice, feeding my soul. The rich taste makes my blood warm. I need it. I want it. I drink it. It dances in my mouth and hugs my tastes buds. I give into this addiction.
  6. Views and Lemonade
    I have made a Playlist with both. It is sonic magic. It makes my heart think and feel entirely.
  7. Stephen Colbert
    I want him. I want his mind near me. He is funny, kind, and clever. He is tied with Biden as one of the most attractive men in today's history for me. I watch his show every night.
  8. A beautiful nap
    I had this incredible nap. I dreamed. It was so vivid and restful. I can't remember the last time I napped so deeply and completely. I generally just try to nap productively.
  9. Dancing in my room and losing myself in a song.
    It was just a moment where the song worked. Those moments in life are so rare. I love them, where the music and life somehow coordinate.