I have lived so many places and by far - Evansville, IN is the best.
  1. Small town feel, but not small town
    The people are awesome. Everyone is so friendly and it seems everyone knows everyone .
  2. You can get from one side of town to the other in less than 10 minutes
    Without accidents/traffic , of course
  3. The Arts!
    There is a wonderful museum and Children's museum, galleries, theaters....we have it!
  4. The beautiful riverfront!
    Over the years, the city has invested quite a bit of money to revamp downtown. One of the best spent ideas is investing in our beautiful riverfront!
  5. Centrally located
    Want to spend the day in a larger city? No problem! Nashville is just 2 hrs away, Louisville is 2 hrs, St. Louis is 3, Indianapolis is 3. Go on.....take a day trip!
  6. Diversity!
    So many religions, ethnicities, races, etc, and the people of Evansville celebrate it!
  7. Sports/athletics are in our blood!
    I am amazed at the number of professional level athletes that come out of Evansville and the surrounding area! The list is endless, but here are a few: Don Mattingly, Bob Griese, Calbert Cheaney, Andy and Alan Benes, Jay Cutler, Aaron Barrett, Jamey Carroll, Deke Cooper, Jeff Overton, Kevin Hardy, Walter McCarty, Jerad Eickoff, Marty Amsler, Sean Bennett, Drew Butera, Luke Drone, Bob Hamilton, Michael Klueh, Ray Newman, Paul Splittorf, Scott Studwell. I'm sure there are more...maybe my next list
  8. West Side Fall Festival
    The 2nd largest street festival in the US! Haven't been there? Make it a bucket list!
  9. The food!
    Because Evansville is so diverse, the food is, as well. Have you ever had a brain sandwich? How about a stromboli? We have it!
  10. Job opportunities
    Industry abounds in this area and job opportunities are everywhere. Some of the larger manufacturers in this area include: Sabic, Alcoa, Meade Johnson, Berry Plastics, Toyota, Anchor Industries. (Another list, perhaps?l
  11. Health care industry
    Evansville's health care is amazing! St. Mary's Hospital and Deaconess Hospitals are continually winning national awards and setting examples in health care!
  12. Cost of living
    Having lived in different parts of the country, I am continuously amazed at the cost of living in other states. For example, need room for a large family? No problem! In Evansville, you can find a lovely 4 bedroom, 2 bath home all day long for under $200k. The same hone would sell for a cool $1m+ other places in the country.
  13. I'm sure this list will continue....check in soon