Random Photos on my Phone Describing 2016

2016 has came and went and we are out with the old and in with the new! Jan.1, 2017 has new beginnings - including my very first post on Li.st
  1. 1st baby girl
  2. 2nd baby girl with 5th grandbaby
    Both wearing #snowwhite themed shirts at #disney
  3. Everyone needs a photo with Mary Poppins, right?
    Littlest is only intrigued by her umbrella
  4. The furbaby finding Easter Eggs before the grand babies
  5. The oldest (and only) son and the oldest grand baby fishing at MiMi's lake
  6. Little man fishing at Mimi's lake
  7. Caught one
  8. The Catanese Realty Professionals
    My #realestate team is growing! #tlovesrealty
  9. Had a lot of these (client closings)
  10. And a few of these (awards)
  11. And a few of these (happy families)
  12. Had some of these (client appreciation nights)
    #vip at the #EvansvilleOtters
  13. Learned a lot
    #knowledgeispower to help better serve my clients
  14. Got addicted to #snapchat
  15. Held a Ladies' night out for my clients
    Huge hit! Will do another this year
  16. I voted.
  17. Held a canned food drive
    To help Potter's Wheel of #evansville
  18. Helping our hard working heroes in #gatlinburgh
  19. And this
  20. Christmas gifts for clients that closed with me in 2016
  21. The Catanese Team adopted a family for Christmas
    #givewhereyoulive #evansville
  22. And then this
  23. So there you have it....random photos on my phone describing 2016.
    Looking forward to a wonderful 2017 #happynewyear