It's possible for people to use metaphors besides standing in worship in justice work. What are some possibilities?
  1. Resist
    A lot of times that is what we're talking about, activism that says no to something so that it can say yes to something else, no to pipelines so that it can say yes to drinking water and songbirds.
  2. Join in solidarity with
    Solidarity means that what is of interest to someone else matters to you urgently because it is urgent to them. We know that Black Lives Matter, but no one can tell if it matters to you if you don't join, act, and advocate.
  3. Rise up
    Sometimes people ask me if this reaffirms physical ability. I feel my spirit rise up all the time. Nations, cities, and people rise up. It seems to work at least some of the time.
  4. Act for...
  5. We support...
  6. It's not an all or nothing proposition. Metaphors are only the beginning not the end of justice work. Sometimes people tell me that metaphors aren't important at all. I disagree because however people are willing to talk about you reflects how they are willing to treat you.