Inspired by @katiecouric
  1. Nachos
    I can seriously eat them every night. If I'm feeling especially OCD, I'll take each individual tortilla chip, coat each with a thin layer of bean dip and shredded sharp cheddar cheese, warm it up, and then put on a dollop of salsa and sour cream. Again, on each individual nacho. I have problems. (But it is AMAZING.)
  2. Ice cream
    Lactose free vanilla and smash in two Trader Joe's gluten free Joe Joe's cookies, to be specific. The glutard's/ poor man's Oreo McFlurry.
  3. Tortilla chips and string cheese
    It's like the saddest, not melted version of nachos.
  4. Cereal!
    Is it just me or is cereal better as a fourth meal than as breakfast? It's the ultimate food, really.
  5. Toast with butter and hot chocolate
    My childhood comfort food. My mom would always make this for me if I was hungry before bed, at home from school sick, or on perfectly stormy days. .......It's 9:30pm, so now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the kitchen.