Inspired by @lenadunham
  1. I believe that tacos are the best food in the world.
    A slightly greasy fried corn shell, and added guacamole, always help.
  2. I believe that drinking lots of water doesn't help you lose weight like the internet is constantly telling me.
    I've been drinking 3-5 liters of water a day for a decade (just because I'm a thirsty person) and it has done nothing for my weight.
  3. I believe social media has led to the downfall of respect for others.
    And I honestly don't see how we can turn back the self-absorbed, narcissistic tide.
  4. I believe in God.
    I know! It's almost a novelty, which is sad.
  5. I believe my children are absolutely the most adorable little muffins on the face of this earth.
    No bias.
  6. I believe that I am right in all my crazy perfectionist ways.
    Me: "They gave me my money back wrong, I hate that." Husband: "Wrong?" Me: "You know, all the bills weren't facing the same way."
  7. I believe in champagne.
    You don't just have it for celebratory gatherings. It's also for the 5pm witching hour of parenting when the husband isn't home yet but the three kids are definitely trying to kill your soul.
  8. I believe that music makes everything better.
    Concerts are my happy place, but music also makes cleaning and organizing a joy.
  9. I believe The Wonder Years was the best show on television.
    Parenthood is a strong second place.
  10. I believe that if you truly support Donald Trump, you're either a racist, a selfish asshole, or stupid.
    There are no other options.
  11. I believe that there should be mandatory coping skills/ anger management/ self-care classes taught in middle and high school.
    Poor impulse control is a raging problem.
  12. I believe that rainy weather is unbeatable.
    55 degrees, rain, a fire place, sweatpants, staring out the window, listening to rain fall, and coffee/ hot chocolate/ hot apple cider: heaven on earth.
  13. I believe that Dick Van Dyke is the true star of Mary Poppins.
    As a child, it was obviously Julie Andrews (shout out to the 847 times I watched The Sound of Music). But as an adult... Bert is Everything.
  14. I believe that Christmastime is the BEST time.
    From the day after thanksgiving until the day after Christmas, it's just perfect and special. The colder weather, the music, the lights... It's magical.