1. Saint Cecilia, Austin
    Pricey hotel comforts (yay, $100K horsehair braid beds from Scandinavia) and cool kid stuff (pool with neon signage, so much vinyl)
  2. The Ace PDX
    Havent stayed without spotting indie rock royalty and what a bar downstairs. Plus, feet from Powells.
  3. 21C, Louisville
    Like sleeping in the MoMA.
  4. The Line, L.A.
    Is there a better view of the Hollywood Hills? Nah.
  5. The Freehand, Miami
    Best cocktails and non-euro-douche-y scene in South Beach.
  6. The Ace Seattle
    Kinda find it charming how run-down it is and the giant revolving mirror doors are clutch.
  7. Ojai Rancho Inn
    Cheaper alternative to Ojai Valley Inn. Retro pool, cabin-y rooms (some with jacuzzis!), teepee, cute poolside bar, walking distance to Valley Inn and town! I'm obsessed. They also allow dogs.
    Suggested by @dandylyons
  8. The Ace Palm Springs
    Just do an AirBnB and have a drink at their pool maybe instead? Sweet robes.
  9. Longman and Eagle, Chicago
    tho GOOD LUCK getting one of like five rooms there
  10. The Phoenix Hotel, San Francisco, CA
    The words, "BE AMAZING" light up the wall behind the bar, and supposedly the pool parties are fabulous.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  11. Graham & Co.
    For hipsters who want to go to the Catskills non-ironically
    Suggested by @kbsmoke
  12. Urban Cowboy B&b
    All of the sudden my Instagram blew up with pics of this place. Disclaimer: I have not actually stayed here
    Suggested by @lindsinger