The food world and music world is actually the same place.
  1. Anthony Bourdain = John Mayer
    refined bros
  2. David Chang = Rihanna
    Critically acclaimed and absolutely DGAF
  3. Paula Deen = Iggy Azalea
  4. René Redzepi = Beyoncé
    Reigning rulers of respective worlds, largely uncontroversial as individuals, who are they as people?
  5. Mario Batali = David Lee Roth
    Both loud, both might get drunk and laugh uncontrollably and grab an ass
  6. Ludo Lefebvre = Nicki Minaj
    Talented, maybe aliens
  7. @InaGarten = Kelly Clarkson
    American sweethearts who genuinely love what they do
  8. Guy Fieri = Linkin Park
    Both are the sensual equivalents of a heart attack
  9. Wylie Dufresne = Bjork
    💙 Cerebral weirdos 💙
  10. Rachel Ray = Katy Perry
    Fly-over appeal
  11. Jamie Oliver = Josh Groban
    Fancy-ish dudes your mom has a crush on and would probably be pretty fun to grab a drink with
  12. Michael Pollan = Bono
    Do-gooder titans.
  13. Martha Stewart = Christina Aguilera
  14. Alice Waters = David Byrne
    Beloved alternative revolutionaries
  15. Tom Colicchio = Usher
    Talented, kinda cool, always have that condescending smirk like they know something you don't.
  16. Eric Ripert = Drake
    The type of smooth operators who will earnestly/effectively wink at a woman
  17. Marcus Samuelsson = Dave Grohl
    Infectious smiles, clearly loving life, and trying to appeal to chefs and the public, for better or worse
  18. Wolfgang Puck = Elton John