Thoughts, feelings, actions today.
  1. Omg quit texting me, kiddos.
    Texts from two best friends wake me up: "Love wins" and "👬."
  2. Gay marriage! Yes.
    I cry in most movies. Shouldn't I be crying now?
  3. Callous gay roommate who never cries, crying.
    Maybe this is just a moment for gays in relationships.
  4. Leave apt. Re-enter apt.
    Forgot something.
  5. Went back for this.
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    "Hey Girl Hey" pin that @white_lightning gave me. Felt like the right time to break it in.
  6. Scrolling through Insta at subway stop.
    Despite the occasional off-topic asshole, so much love for "funny people," as my homophobic grandmother used to say.
  7. ::tears::
    When you spend most your life getting bullied and feeling ostracized, it's easy to forget there are some people—a lot of people today—who are on your side.