It was a looooong night...
  1. Age 22 I had a huge crush on Anderson so I spray-painted my hair and made a jank CNN badge.
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  2. It was a hit. Two women on the subway yelled "omg ANDY" and asked to take a picture with me.
  3. I was really new to NYC and had been hanging out with this kinda shady model dude who invited me to a house party in SoHo.
  4. Had never really seen dRuGz before. Still probably havent seen so many in one place.
  5. Shady guy, who was lazily just dressed in all black, got me a drink.
  6. A half hour later, I was talking to his friend Marisa and idk what happened. Our eyes were locked and we started making out.
  7. Her ex-boyfriend, a disgustingly handsome model, was there and stormed off.
  8. Then I made out with shady dude.
  9. And then another girl. She had a boyfriend, too 🙈
  10. And then one more guy.
  11. And then I decided to leave.
  12. Rather girl two's boyfriend interrogated me about my orientation and suggested I leave.
  13. Fell asleep on the L-Train.
  14. Woke up 10 stops after my stop.
  15. Wandered Bed-Stuy, still dressed as AC360, convinced my apartment would just materialize.
  16. Cried.
  17. I formed a sentence. A gas station attendant called me a cab. Crashed at 5AM.
  18. Slept 15 hours.
  19. So grateful that I made it home safe.
  20. Lesson is everyone loves Anderson and also pour your own drinks at parties.