Because a snobby SFer was ranting today that it only rots your brain and I believe in the medium. Sorry, all the ones I jotted down are HBO.
  1. Enlightened, Episode 2x06
    Who hasn't struggled with the tension between wanting to make the world a better place and assholes/corporations/American reality? Jesus, that show broke my heart and somehow made me want to fight back against injustice at the same time.
  2. Six Feet Under, Finale
    I mean shit. That finale is maybe the closest I've come to realizing death.
  3. Looking, Episode 2x07
    It was a really powerful feeling watching your feelings of loneliness and fears about death as a gay man who grew up in a very conservative home echoed back to you. Knowing some writer gets those dark places makes them less dark. This ep also reminded me of how crucial "family" is—as defined by whoever the fuck humans you deem are worthy of such a title.